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About Bryan College of Health Sciences

Bryan College of Health Sciences, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, offers undergraduate degrees in nursing and health professions, a graduate degree for nurse anesthesia, and certificate options for both undergraduate and graduate students. The College also offers many courses that are partially or fully online.

Bryan College of Health Sciences is known for its outstanding health care education in nursing, nurse anesthesia and health professions, as well as the general education courses necessary to enter these fields. Through our highly qualified faculty, low student-to-instructor ratio, and an unparalleled number of clinical hours combined with sophisticated technology such as our high-fidelity patient simulators and human body specimens, the College delivers a better future for our students and healthcare professionals, and especially the patients and families they serve.

Bryan College of Health Sciences Board of Trustees

Lina Bostwick

Susan Gourley, PhD

James Griesen, PhD

Emilia Harrahill

Georgianne Mastera, PhD

Andrew Merliss, M.D.

Marilyn Moore, EdD

Angie Muhleisen

Erin Pemberton, JD, MSN

Sameano Porchea, PhD

Roger Reamer

Kim Russel

Maurice Russell

Lisa Vail, DNP, RN, NEA-BC

John Woodrich

Brenda Franklin, RN

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