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Earn your Bachelor of Science in Sonography in Lincoln and gain the clinical training and skills to succeed

A Bachelor of Science in Sonography will educate you on the practice of ultrasonography, commonly called sonography. Sonography is a diagnostic medical procedure that uses high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to produce dynamic visual images of organs, tissues or blood flow inside the body. This type of procedure is often referred to as a sonogram or ultrasound scan. Bryan College of Health Sciences offers two Bachelor of Science in Sonography degrees that can be tailored to your interests.

Choose from two different Sonography programs:

As a graduate, you will be able to examine many parts of the body, such as the abdomen, breasts, female reproductive system, heart and blood vessels. Sonography is increasingly being used in the detection and treatment of heart disease, heart attack and vascular disease that can lead to stroke. It is also used to guide fine needle, tissue biopsy to assist in taking a sample of cells from an organ for lab testing (for example, a test for cancer in breast tissue). Unlike X-rays, sonography is radiation-free imaging.

Why Choose Bryan College of Health Sciences

  • Ranked one of the top 15 ultrasound technician schools in the nation by College Choice
  • Our strong emphasis on clinical training gives you the skills and confidence to succeed
  • Clinical training includes a combination of specially designed skills labs and patient care
  • You receive 1,305-2,200 hours of clinical training, depending on your program
  • Classes are centered around the Registry Exams, ensuring proper knowledge and preparation 
  • You are prepared to begin your career – the average Registry exam first time pass rate for Bryan College of Health Sciences sonography students is 96 percent

Bachelor of Science in Sonography Programs:

Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Use ultrasound to produce images of various parts and areas of the body
  • Diagnose a range of significant health issues
Adult Cardiac Sonography and Vascular Sonography
  • Uses ultrasound to produce images of the heart, arteries and veins
  • Learn how to use medical technology in a way that helps physicians detect a variety of heart and vascular conditions - and help patients gain knowledge, comfort and peace of mind

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