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Getting Involved

Make the most of your college experience at Bryan College of Health Sciences by getting involved on campus. We offer a variety of organizations for different interests. By engaging in campus activities, you'll meet other students, develop great friendships, while helping your community and developing your professional skills.

Student Organizations

We offer a number of student organization to students looking to get involved with great causes, network and meet new friends.

Action For Students (AFS)

This organization promotes social and community service. Members actively participate in community outreach programs. Being a member will enhance your life personally and professionally. There are no membership dues. 

Contact Patty Bollinger 402-481-3831, Tasha Pfenning 402-481-8749, Cindy Blake 402-481-3217 or Julie Morbach 402-481-732 for additional information.

Bryan Student Nurses' Association (BSNA)

Faithfully growing great nurses since 1952 Bryan student Nurses' Association (BSNA) is the local chapter of the National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA). BSNA is a pre-professional organization for nursing students and all nursing students are encouraged to join.

Benefits of joining BSNA include:

  • Networking with other nursing students
  • Developing and strengthening leadership skills
  • Providing service to others in the community
  • Boosting your resume for future employment

Local members wishing to become involved at the national level will need to pay a membership fee of $31 but will receive numerous benefits (savings on uniforms, books, travel).

Meetings are the first Wednesday of every month at 3:30 p.m.

Contact Julie Skrabal 402-481-8850 or for additional information.

American Red Cross

Participation in American Red Cross activities is offered through the Lincoln Red Cross Chapter. Your involvement allows you to be involved in a variety of projects put on by the American Red Cross. Upon completion of 20 hours of volunteer service and RN licensure, you receive a Red Cross pin.

Contact Tiffany Hunt 402-481-8469 for additional information.

Health Promotion Organization

The Health Promotion Organization (HPO) offers student activities such as intramural sports and volunteer opportunities for local walks and the Lincoln Marathon. Information for these activities are communicated by email, the student newsletter and/or posted in the Student Center.

Contact Melinda Bentjen 402-481-8858 for additional information.

Caring with Christ

Caring with Christ is open to all students and its mission is to disciple our classmates, faculty and clients we care for, minister to those in need, rejoice in the gifts of the day, prayerfully support one another,and incorporate the Word of the Lord into our daily lives.

Contact Kay Crabtree 402-481-4978 for additional information.

Diversity Club

Diversity Club is open to all students and its mission is to educate, advocate and promote awareness of our diverse college community through a supportive network. 

Contact Michelle Johnson at 402-481-8762, Sheri Panietz at 402-481-8782 or Ash Wimes at 402-481-8375 for additional information.

Student Government Association

Let your voice be heard by joining our Student Government Association.

The Bryan College of Health Sciences Student Government Association (SGA) is the voice of students and serves as a communication link between students and the college community. SGA works toward building a positive campus environment.

Meetings are monthly and open to all students.

Student Government Officers and Advisors

2014-2015 Student Government Officers

President - Emilea Harahill

Vice President - Claire Baneja

Secretary - Lacie Ferguson

Treasurer - Jake McCain

Staff Advisors

Robin Kappler

Rhonda Woodside

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