Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice, Bryan College of Health Sciences

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Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice

Bryan College of Health Sciences offers a 36-month program for Registered Nurses leading to a Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP) that is unique to Nebraska and the region.

This two-phase program combines:

  • Coursework in the sciences
  • Anesthetic principles
  • Health care policy
  • Evidence based practice
  • Informatics and professional leadership principles are integrated throughout the curriculum
  • Hands-on clinical practice that begins early in the curriculum

Why Choose Bryan College of Health Sciences

  • A college within a medical center
  • Clinical resources including a variety of surgical specialties
  • Affiliated with Nebraska Medical Center, which serves as a second primary clinical site for students
  • Extensive clinical experience

About the Program

A cohort begins the program in May of each year and all students are enrolled in a full time status. The program is offered primarily in a face-to-face format, with selected courses offered in a hybrid format. The courses delivered in the hybrid format combine in-person class sessions with online and independent learning.

Our faculty in the School of Nurse Anesthesia are outstanding professionals well-known in their field. They hold advanced degrees and they have a wealth of experience in the classroom and in clinical settings. Most importantly, our faculty are best known for their close collaboration with students enrolled in the School of Nurse Anesthesia.

We are especially proud of our extensive clinical experience, which includes specialty rotations in a variety of clinical sites. Each student is assigned to a two-month and a one-month rotation in a smaller community hospital site during both the first and second year of clinical experience. These community hospital clinical rotations allow for further experience with regional anesthetic techniques. The student may choose up to two additional optional rural anesthesia practice rotations as well. Each student has an assigned “home hospital” either in Lincoln, Omaha, or Kearney.

Upon completion of the degree requirements, graduates are eligible to take the National Certification Examination administered by the National Board on Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA).

Application opens April 1

No Application Fee

August 31st

Requirements to be considered for program:

GPA: 3.0 or above

GRE scores, Bryan College of Health Sciences code: 1244

Current licensure as an RN

Minimum of one year of critical care experience, preferred two years upon entrance to the program

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