Lexie Willer, Student Ambassador, Bryan College of Health Sciences

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Lexie Willer

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Meet Lexie

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Major: Adult Cardiac and Vascular Sonography

Summarize Bryan in five words or less: Home

Why did you choose Bryan? I chose Bryan because it is a closer knit community. It is also a hands on program! I am really excited to get as much clinical experience as I am going to get, so I will be able to get as much experience as possible before heading into my career full time.

What are you involved in at Bryan? Student Ambassador program as well as a student represenative on the Sonogrpahy Committee.

Favorite Activity in Lincoln: Husker football!

Surprising Fact About You: I have an obsession with pajamas, candles from Bath and Body Works, Game of Thrones, Dr. Pepper, and football season!

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