Nick Schuller, Student Ambassador, Bryan College of Health Sciences

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Nick Schuller

Hometown: Billings, MN

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Major: Biomedical Sciences

Summarize Bryan in five words or less: Where I want to be

Why did you choose Bryan? As I reminisce about past decisions as I often do while peering out of my window and gazing at the gentle moon and array of stars afar, I often ask myself that same question. Why Bryan? The more I think about it, however, the more it becomes clear to me. I did not choose Bryan; Bryan chose me. In the very core of Bryan burns the same fire that radiates in my own heart. The embers of compassion, love, honor, and strength keep our fires alive still today. When I stare deeply into the flames that drive this college and hospital I see the relentless dedication and sacrifice many have contributed. In the very soul of the flame, I see reflected my own soul and the drive to create a better world for healthcare. I believe in the quest for a better future and will stand behind the vision of Bryan 'til the end.

What are you involved in at Bryan? I am a student ambassador first and foremost. I also am a proud member of the American Red Cross Club and enjoy volunteering on Bryan East Campus and Bryan West Campus in the Emergency Department.

Favorite Activity in Lincoln: Sky diving

Surprising Fact About You: All of my favorite songs are either by Owl City, Mumford and Sons, or ColdPlay. My favorite show is Grey's Anatomy.

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