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Mobile Laptop Cart Procedure

There is a mobile laptop cart available for check out. You can reserve the laptop cart for your class by contacting Jawad Qudus.

Mobile Laptop Cart Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for care and use of laptops in your classroom
  • No drinks or food around laptops
  • Supervise and guide students in proper care and use of the laptops
  • Be sure the wireless button is on
  • If there are issues at time of log in, restart computer, double check that the wireless button is on
  • If you are still having an issue and if there is another laptop available, try another one. If you still having problems with laptops contact Jawad Qudus at x18729
  • When students have completed their laptop session, be sure they power off the laptops properly by going to Start/Shut Down/Shut Down
  • Be sure students do not power the laptops off by simply pushing the power button
  • When the laptop session is done, place laptops in the cart and be sure to plug them in
  • Make sure to return the laptop cart to Jawad Qudus

For all problems relating to your computer, contact Jawad Qudus: office #324, 402-481-8729.

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