Plastinates and Cadaver Labs, Bryan College of Health Sciences

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Plastinates and Cadaver Labs

Learn the human anatomy like never before

At Bryan College of Health Sciences, we're one of few college's in the United States to offer plastinated body specimens and cadaver labs. Both provide amazing teaching aids to thoroughly learn the human anatomy in a unique way.


  • Bryan College of Health Sciences is one of a few colleges in the United States to have plastinated human body specimens, and the only college in the Midwest to have two full body plastinates
  • Platinates are an amazing teaching aid because you see body structures – muscles, organs, tissues – just as they appear in a living body
  • The College has two specimens – one that focuses on internal organs and one that focuses on nerve and skeletal muscles

Cadaver Labs

  • Cadavers demonstrate the individual uniqueness of each human body
  • You’ll learn about a variety of pathologies and get to see first-hand the effects of disease on organ systems
  • A valuable, hands-on learning opportunity to see, touch and examine organs

Bryan College of Health Sciences

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