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Simulation Center

  • Simulation Center Partnership

Simulation Center Partnership

Bryan College of Health Sciences, Bryan Medical Center, and Southeast Community College combined resources to develop an 11-bed patient simulation center, located on an unused patient care area on Bryan West Campus.

Each College and the Medical Center had limited resources separately; however, together, these resources can achieve widespread impact. By combining these resources to create a Center, there exists a potential to affect patient safety, increase enrollment of the two nursing programs, and develop best practices for facilitation of learning in the simulated clinical environment.

A Wealth of Opportunities

The Center for Excellence in Clinical Simulation provides a wealth of opportunities, such as to:

  • Create additional clinical sites for Nursing programs, increasing enrollment opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Create learning opportunities for Health programs, such as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), Paramedics, Dental Assisting, Practical Nursing, and Respiratory Care
  • Enhance learning by providing opportunities for application of knowledge in a safe environment without risk to human patients
  • Provide learning opportunities for clinical staff
  • Offer a mechanism to evaluate competency of clinical staff
  • Combine local resources for use in a fiscally responsible manner
  • Improve the abilities of facilitators, further enhancing learning
  • Create situations that favor research of larger populations
  • Become a regional and national leader in simulation education

Each party brought unique skills, talents, space, equipment, and financial resources to the creation of the Center. By combining these resources, mutual benefit is achieved. Additionally, the combined efforts can impact healthcare provided at the local community, region, and state levels.

The Future of the Simulation Center

The Center faculty developed, and regularly review and discuss, a strategic plan for the future use of the Center. Numerous opportunities exist, beginning with activities to move toward accreditation by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare currently the only simulation body which accredits simulated learning sites.

Potential Uses of Center for Excellence in Clinical Simulation

  • Clinical Site for
    • Medical Surgical
    • Obstetrics
    • Pediatrics
    • Critical Care
    • Mental Health
  • Provide clinical sites for nursing, dental assistants, emergency response, and respiratory students
  • Evaluation of competencies for Clinical Staff
  • Team Training for
    • Rapid Response Team
    • Code Team
    • OR Staff/Physicians
    • ED Staff/Physicians
  • Continuing Education Programs, including ACLS
  • Continuing Education to Heartland Health Alliance and Others
  • Nurse Residency Program (orientation program that demonstrates increased retention/decreased turnover)
  • Graduate Certificate in Simulation Education
  • Remediation of Clinical Staff
  • Evaluation of Sentinel Events
  • Revenue producing opportunities for use with other nursing programs

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